The Rainman system is designed for the purpose of turning seawater, brackish or fresh into drinking water – so with the proper care and operation, your system will provide you with the resources to create ample amounts of drinking water wherever your adventures take you.

Seawater desalination requires much more pressure than your conventional household under sink system, which in turn requires the use of special seawater membranes and a marinized pressure supply system to handle the seawater (both of which are comprised in the Rainman system) – however the process and science behind reverse osmosis has been the same for decades.

At the heart of any desalination system is the Reverse Osmosis Membranes – where high pressure is used to force water across a semi-permeable membrane. It’s a bit like forcing water through a filter, except with reverse osmosis – only the pure water molecules are forced through the membrane (which has a pore size of around 0.0001 microns (around 1/100,000th the diameter of a human hair)) whilst the larger molecules and impurities simply proceed across the membrane as they are to larger mass to pass through it – and are simply discharged as brine, or wastewater – so as you can see in the above chart, this process removes and reduces a great deal of impurities from the source water. ​The result? crystal clear, drinking quality water from seawater – without the use of chemicals. ​In fact, the exact process of desalination is used around the world in municipalities providing millions of people with there household water supply, and the same technology has been onboard commercial ships for decades – so you are good hands with time tested technology. Globally, billions of gallons of seawater are desalinated for municipal and public use, with some of the largest plants in the USA servicing the Florida and California regions. Your Rainman system is simply a more compact and portable version of this equipment.

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