The Rainman system is designed for the purpose of turning seawater, brackish or freshwater into drinking water – so with the proper care, your system will provide you with the resources to create ample amounts of drinking water wherever your adventures take you.

Out of the box your Rainman System can begin to desalinate seawater into fresh, clean drinking water within minutes. In fact, if you have no plans to venture up into Brackish or Fresh Water locations to use your desalinator – no additional equipment is required to operate your system.

Now if you are planning to use your system in Brackish or Fresh Water – you will simply need to add (and this can be added at any time) a small gauge that will tell you exactly how much water your system is producing in ‘real time’. ​

rainman brackish water gauge

Basically, in sea water, you will be pressurizing your membranes to around 800PSI for standard operation – seawater is fairly predictable in this sense, and is accommodated by the seawater RO membranes within your system.

When you move into brackish or fresh water (of which your seawater RO membranes are perfectly capable of handling)  – there is a significantly lower salinity level in any given amount of water – which means more pure water molecules are present….. if we were to use the same high pressure to force this water across the membranes TOO MANY pure water molecules will be trying to pass through the membrane at any given time…. which is a bad thing – and ultimately will result in damage to your membranes….

So, we simply regulate the pressure when we are in brackish or fresh water, to ensure a manageable amount of water crosses the membranes at any given time, thus ensuring that this flow does not exceed the maximum rating of the membrane. 

This is where the brackish water flow gauge comes in – once installed – we simply increase the pressure until the flow gauge reaches the maximum output rated for your membranes (in the case of the high output membranes 37GPH/140LPH) Once the needle reaches this point (as you can easily see from the above illustration), you simply stop increasing the pressure – you are now free to fill you tanks without a worry, wherever your adventures take you. ​

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