Leaving seawater in your Rainman watermaker for more than a twenty-four to forty-eight hours after operating the system can shorten the life of the reverse osmosis membranes. If not planning to operate the system within this period, it should be flushed with fresh water to displace the seawater from the membranes. After another seven days, the system should either be flushed again or pickled.  Many people that have installed their Rainman watermaker prefer to have the system flushed weekly.  Our Autoflush System is designed to ease the burden of remembering to perform this flush.

The Autoflush System incorporates a solid state timer, a motorised valve, and an activated carbon filter to allow your boat’s fresh water supply to push fresh water from your boat’s tanks through your watermaker for a few minutes every seven days.  The one button programmable timer can be set between two and eight minutes flush cycle, depending on how strong your pump is.  The activated carbon filter will neutralise chlorine that may be in your tank from municipal water sources.

The timer and motorised valve operate from 12-24VDC.  One side of the system is plumbed to your boat’s fresh water supply while the other side is plumbed into your Rainman Pressure Supply Unit (PSU).  The system is delivered with two activated carbon filter cartridges, which should be replaced every six months.

Although the Autoflush System is sold as an option with new Rainman watermakers, it is fully compatible with older Rainman systems that have been installed.

Available at now at Seatask!

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