We recommend that you change the oil after an initial 50 hour break-in period. Thereafter, we recommend a change of oil every 3 months, or at 500 hour intervals. We always recommend using the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) Oil during Maintenance. In this case, it’s General Pump Series 100 Oil – an SAE 30 weight, 100 ISO non-detergent oil

Using the phillips head screwdriver, remove the HP pump access port on the front of your PSU

Remove the Oil Plug on the top of the HP pump by hand

Remove the brass oil drain plug on the bottom of the pump
use the cresent wrench to initial loosen the plug – then the remainder by hand.
Once the plug is loose, the oil will start to drain – so be sure to have the catchment tray below at this point!

​Allow to drain – THEN REPLACE THE BRASS PLUG – Snug tight with the cresent wrench

Oil Refill

Place your funnel in the oil refill hole
Proceed to add approximatly 12Oz of GP series 100 pump oil

Replace the orange breather plug

Replace the HP pump access port cover

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